Tactile audio company SubPac introduces new wearable subwooferSubPac M2 Babe

Tactile audio company SubPac introduces new wearable subwoofer

SubPac has ventured to be on the cutting-edge of speaker technologies since their inception, by integrating their technologies into unorthodox applications to give music lovers a more tactile auditory experience. Most recently, the company made headlines by teaming up with Peugeot and Amon Tobin to release Fractal, the first “music-based car.”

Now, SubPac has announced the impending release of the SubPac M2, an advanced subwoofer system that the user can wear like a backpack.  The M2 follows their flagship SubPac M1, released in 2013. According to SubPac, their newest release “combines new proprietary tactile transducers and vibrotactile membranes with an all-new design to create an enhanced vibratory field for optimum efficiency, impact and comfort.”

SubPac CEO John Alexiou explained his mission statement in a press release:

We are on a mission to introduce the physical dimension of music and sound to the world.   With the SubPac M2, we have created the most immersive wearable audio experience to date. Anyone can now experience audio the way the creator intended – full immersion, anywhere, anytime.”

Boasting an influential cadre of supporters including Richie Hawtin, Pete Tong, and The Glitch Mob, the SubPac aims to reach a variety of contexts past standard music listeners, ranging from DJing and producing to video gaming and virtual reality. The M2 retails at $399 and is available for a discounted preorder here.

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