SXSW has already booked 154 performers; aims for 2,000 in 2016Ssw

SXSW has already booked 154 performers; aims for 2,000 in 2016

Though it’s only been six months since the 2015 edition of Austin’s SXSW festival, its organizers are already expediting their preparation for next year’s festival. Announcements for next year have been made at their earliest in all of SXSW history so as to allow attendees more time to schedule their week.

Without hesitation came the first round of announcements, boasting 154 artists of multiple fields and genres and over 130 scheduled conference panels. On the electronic side of performers, Birdy Nam Nam and Crystal Castles serve as notable performers, with Digital DJ Meetup and Global Festivals and their Locales slated to take place during the panel week. By the time spring rolls around in 2016, SFXW plans to have a grand total of at least 2,000 performers, with even more panels to be scheduled in the coming months.

2015’s SWSW had a handful of interesting moments, including a keynote speech by Snoop Dogg and a holographic demonstration that permitted viewers to put themselves on stage with Paul McCartney.

via: Music Times

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