TomorrowWorld attendee dies of suspected drug overdoseTomorrowWorld5

TomorrowWorld attendee dies of suspected drug overdose

There is no end in sight for the negative attention that TomorrowWorld has attracted following a disastrous weekend. Indignant attendees, most of which were barred from attending the festival’s third and final day, flooded social media with photos and anecdotes of careless planning and harrowing ten-mile treks through mud and rain.

Though the dangerous conditions are thankfully not the norm for festivals, a new development has come to light, confirming a tragically common discovery in the post-festival aftermath. 22-year-old Florida resident Connor McGinnis passed away on Saturday, as reported by a Georgia medical examiner. The cause of death will not be confirmed for several weeks, pending a toxicology report, but drug overdose is unfortunately suspected.

Despite the disastrous logistical issues of TomorrowWorld’s 2015 edition, the festival actually had a relatively positive history of medical issues in its first and second year. With this terrible loss, however, TommorrowWorld joins the ranks of music festivals around the world currently grappling with how to eradicate the startling fatality rates at their events. Festival organizer SFX has been fielding media and financial blow after blow this year, and the laundry list of grievous events at TomorrowWorld will surely compound the company’s difficulties.

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