A treasure trove of unreleased deadmau5 music has been unearthedDeadmau5

A treasure trove of unreleased deadmau5 music has been unearthed

If there’s one thing you can count on from deadmau5, aside from his salty twitter persona, it’s a nearly never-ending supply of experimental tracks and works-in-progress. One deadmau5 superfan has been collecting all of Joel’s unreleased music, ripping every hiss, pop, synth, and stab that the prolific producer has streamed on live.deadmau5.com. Not only are there some absolute gems in this 94-track playlist, the tracks also tell the story of the development of some of his most recent release including “Drop the Poptart” and work under his alias testpilot.

For any true deadmau5 fan, this is a literal treasure trove of unreleased music that is too good to pass up.


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