Vinyl re-pressing service Beat Delete is shutting downVinyl On Demand

Vinyl re-pressing service Beat Delete is shutting down

Despite a recent upswing in demand for vinyl, not all made-to-order and re-pressing services can last forever. Beat Delete, the website backed by record label Ninja Tune, is shutting its online doors.

The website re-pressed out-of-print singles and albums through crowdfunding. While most crowdfunding efforts go towards innovating something untried, the team behind Beat Delete recognized that there was an untapped group of passionate funders who yearned for something nostalgic rather than new. In an email to users, Beat Delete stated

“Regretfully we have decided to close down the Beat Delete site in the coming weeks as unfortunately orders have slowed down and it’s become less viable to put in the time that running the service requires. All paid orders for records that have hit their target and are being manufactured will be fulfilled by the respective label. Finally, thank you for being a part of the Beat Delete process, together we’ve got a lot of great records re-pressed!”

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