Will Smith is making a hip-hop comeback with DJ Jazzy JeffWill Smith And Dj Jazzy Jeff Comeback 2016

Will Smith is making a hip-hop comeback with DJ Jazzy Jeff

Na na na na nana gettin’ jiggy wit it.

Yes, you read that correctly. Will Smith is making a his long-awaited hip-hop comeback in 2016 and it doesn’t stop at just new music. In addition to showcasing a grip of fresh tunes, The Fresh Prince is planning on touring next summer alongside none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff. For younger music fans who may be confused: Yes, Jayden and Willow’s old man was a rap star far before he starred in Hitch. 

With an incredibly successful film career taking precedence over the last decade, news of Smith and Jazz gearing up for a full-fledged touring circuit brings an exciting pang of nostalgia to anyone who knows the words that come after “In West Philadelphia…”

Smith, 47, recognizes that the hip-hop landscape he is about to re-enter is much different from when he left it, explaining, “I’m from the era of 16 bars, hook, 16 bars, hook, bridge, hook, out.” Although hip-hop’s newer trends may be more familiar to Will’s children than to him, the rapper/actor affirms that he is ahead of the curve; tuning up his beloved, albeit slightly outdated style to match the times. Details regarding Smith’s forthcoming album are scarce, but with news of a world tour beginning to emerge, expect festival season to be the target, and new music to land before the season takes off.

H/T: Rolling Stone


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