YouTube made Lindsey Stirling a millionaireShatter Me

YouTube made Lindsey Stirling a millionaire

In the age of the internet, social media empowers¬†individuals with just the right amount of talent and charisma to rake in cash comparable to that of a TV star. Something as simple as viewing a page can lead to obscenely high earnings if you’re the one who drove the click. “Dubstep violinist” Lindsey Stirling is one such internet celebrity, whose creative videos of her simultaneously dancing and playing movie covers or EDM compositions on her violin skyrocketed her to fame. Within the four years since her YouTube videos went viral, Lindey’s garnered millions of views, which translate to $6 million.

The violinist’s path to stardom began when her originally written and choreographed video “Spontaneous Me” grabbed the attention of a hoard of new fans intrigued by her stunning productions and spiffy dance moves. In early 2012, she unleashed her “Crystallize” video, thus earning herself the title of “dubstep violinist.” The video has since racked up almost 132 million views on YouTube, an unprecedented amount for someone who isn’t an established celebrity. She’s since gone on to do several tours and has recently released an album of her productions called Shatter Me.

Forbes has named Stirling as one of YouTube’s top earners of 2015.

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