Association for Electronic Music and Music Biz to launch the first Electronic Music WorkgroupMiami Life In Color Festival Day1 22

Association for Electronic Music and Music Biz to launch the first Electronic Music Workgroup

The topics of copyright and licensing in dance music have been mulled over time and again since the inception of online music streaming. From Napster’s early rise and fall to SoundCloud’s never-ending lawsuit war, the music industry as a whole continues to look for ways in which artists can receive the credit and payment they deserve, while allowing the innovation of dance music to thrive on the Internet.

To push the discussion forward, the Association for Electronic Music – a non-profit entity “representing the common interests of all individuals and companies whose business is electronic dance music” – and the Music Business Association (Music Biz) are instituting a brand new think tank called The Workgroup.

The Workgroup will be headed by AFEM’s CEO Mark Lawrence, along with Dubset’s president/COO Bob Barbiere, and will function as a division in Music Biz’s Information Technology Sector. The hub is positioned as a central location where artist representatives and electronic music business people can openly review “streamline commerce for DJs, producers, and rights-holders for DJ mixes, remixes, mashups, and original tracks for both live and online content.”

SoundCloud’s three-strike rule has forced some artists to either create secondary accounts or revert to other services like Mixcloud – all due to the fear of their primary accounts being taken down. The AFEM and Music Biz Workgroup will hopefully open a dialogue that will allow up-and-coming artists to express their artistic creativity freely, while original rights-holders can also receive proper credit and compensation for the use of their works.

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