Bill Nye is working with Steve Aoki on his new albumBill Nye Steve Aoki

Bill Nye is working with Steve Aoki on his new album

No this isn’t a Wunderground article.  Earlier today at the Fast Company Innovation Festival, Bill Nye and Steve Aoki waxed poetic on a number of issues including STEM, the singularity, and the influence of science and technology on their careers. Aoki’s work has often included technology as a recurring theme, not only because of the nature of EDM, but his own appreciation for the scientific world.

“This album is not just a neutral space, but a chance to talk about more sophisticated issues than just raging at a festival.”

On songs like “Back To Earth,” Steve notes: “I was trying to find a way to collaborate the ideas of science that interests me and my music. The best way to do that is not just through music but through music videos. Fusing those ideas with the music made it more fun. It’s great to be able to use it as a tool to discuss something.”

To further draw connections between EDM culture and science, Nye and Aoki have begun to write a science-themed song for the cake-throwing DJs new album called “Noble Gas.”  The track is supposedly set to the theme of the Twilight Zone and according to everyone’s favorite scientist; “The song would start with exploding super novae, then lead to us. And that means that the fact that you and I are made of stardust is one of the ways that the universe knows itself”



Via: Fast Company

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