Blows continue to be dealt against London nightlife as The Coronet announces its 2017 closureThe Coronet

Blows continue to be dealt against London nightlife as The Coronet announces its 2017 closure

Gentrification has been slipping silently into London at increased rates, threatening the once vibrant nightlife and music scene in the city. Just this past year, renowned clubs Plastic People, Twisted Pepper, and The Arches have all closed their doors. Since 2007, 35% of London’s small and medium-sized nightclubs have been shut down in favor of fancier apartment buildings and other ventures, prompting government officials to launch the London Grassroots Venue Rescue Plan.

Desperate plans may be in place to re-vitalize nightlife in London, yet troubles continue to push on. Located in the Elephant and Castle area, The Coronet club recently released a somber announcement of its pending closure in 2017. Since its grand re-opening as a nightclub in 2003, the famous club has gone on to host 250,000 people on average per year and has been considered a pillar of London night life. Sadly, its closure comes as little surprise – the Elephant and Castle junction has been hit particularly hard by infrastructural improvements, with even Ministry of Sound being threatened by the change.

Sad news aside, the club’s owners are looking to go out on a high note. Director Richard Littman stated, “Rather than fighting against change, we want to focus on celebrating The Coronet’s incredible history. What better way to do that than by making The Coronet’s final year of operation its biggest and best!”

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