Christopher Lawrence examines 2015 in latest Rush Hour mixRush Hour Best Of 2015 Christopher Lawrence

Christopher Lawrence examines 2015 in latest Rush Hour mix

During trance’s early years, Christopher Lawrence was on the genre’s frontlines relentlessly pioneering its darker, more serious side that drew so many to it at its inception. Today, not much has changed – in fact, his influence within the underground has only grown as his prolific Pharmacy label and monthly radio show Rush Hour allow him to continue pushing out the next level of trance’s evolution to a greater population.

The end of 2015 is already upon us, so Lawrence has kindly put together a compilation mix of what he feels best embodies the ethos he’s presented through Rush Hour in the past months. Taking us on a two-hour journey through dreamy psychedelic landscapes and raunchy tech trance numbers that redefine the genre as it continues to embrace dark goa elements, we hear a series of works by trance artists working tirelessly to promote trance’s future soundscape. During a time where certain labels monopolize trance and threaten its credibility as a genre, it’s refreshing to see stalwarts like Lawrence standing up for what they believe in and demonstrating the underlying truth that trance is coming back stronger than ever in the process.

The compilation is now available on iTunes and Beatport, and some of its clips can be sampled below.








Solarstone – Nothing But Chemistry Here (Extended Mix)
Liquid Soul – Faith
Reaky – Progressive Psychoanalysis
Jonathan Allyn – Lightwave (Magnus Remix)
HAS! – Must Go Faster
Natas – Answering Machine (Oddwave Remix)
Morten Granau and Ruback – Tension
Coming Soon – BadA$$ Disco
K90 Project – Alpha X
D Addiction – Plug In Turn On Drop Out
Ace Ventura & Astrix – Pranava
Flash Gordon – Quantum Harmonics
Chris Oblivion – Ecosystem (Soundpass Remix)
Christopher Lawrence – Unbroken (Sonic Species Remix)
Pablo Schugt – High On
D Addiction   Vini Vici – Must Tool
Dissy vs R E L – See the Colours
Champa & Profound – Gnarly (Sequence Remix)
Johann Stone – The Harder They Drop (Nick Sentience Remix)
Second Sine – Zero (Outsiders Remix)
Sonic Species – The One That Got Away
Rishi – Eliptica (Hypnoise Remix)
Quantica – Imprints
Ying Yang Monks vs Spinal Fusion – Sacred Technology (Imaginarium Remix)
Laughing Buddha – Good Old Days (Jeremy Remix)
X Noize
Makida – Body & Mind
Mekkanikka – Jedi Skool
M-Theory vs Sonic Species – Samurai Bushwakka (Spinal Fusion Remix)



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