‘Culture is not something you can enforce’ says police commissioner on Stererosonic deathStereosonic

‘Culture is not something you can enforce’ says police commissioner on Stererosonic death

Just as Syndey’s 2015 edition of Stereosonic drew to a close, an all-too familiar headline took over Australian new outlets. Unfortunately, the festival had experienced yet another ecstasy-suspected death on its grounds, prompting a country-wide dialogue on safety at festivals or even about banning them all together to prevent instances like this from occurring again.

“This is the most dangerous season we’ve ever seen in Australia,” stated emergency room physician David Caldicott of drug-related hospitalizations this festival season. He’s joined the legions of citizens and drug experts in calling upon the government not to ban festivals or enforce strict policies, but rather employ drug testing stations at events to educate users on what’s going into their body and safe steps of consumption.

“‘Don’t use drugs’ is perfectly acceptable for primary school kids and the people who aren’t already using drugs…But for this group of people, they’ve already decided to use drugs and we need to be far more nuanced in our approach to illicit drugs than we currently are.” – Dr. David Caldicott

New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione echoed Dr. Caldicott’s sentiment. Advising there was only so much police could do to stop drug consumption, he explained, “Culture’s not something you can enforce with the law…culture has to be something that comes from those that are involved.” In the meantime, Stereosonic will continue it’s tour throughout the country with stops in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Drug-related incidents have already taken a toll on Sydney’s electronic music scene. A large portion of its summer boat parties were banned on the basis of safety risk due to drug use, while past deaths taking place at Stereosonic and other Sydney-based music festivals have led angered parents and conservative citizens to call on their ban all together. Dr. Caldicott doesn’t agree: “I think prohibition is irresponsible — it’s puerile. It never worked for alcohol, doesn’t work now.”


via: ABC Australia

photo credit: GC Magazine


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