Daft Punk revamps merchandise store with a grip of retro goods

The Daft Punk brand holds a special authenticity to it. Something about the Androids’ enigmatic mode of operation is so intriguing, and the way the brand surrounding dance music’s favorite robots has grown is in and of itself fascinating as well. Even beyond their music, from vinyl pressings to replica sequined blazers, fans devour Daft Punk goods, and are now getting a sweet surprise. Daft Punk’s official merchandise catalogue is getting a sweeping update with some vintage commodities and a fresh new ad campaign to accompany the newest old-school additions to the store.

Going full retro for their refurbished product line, the new Daft Punk frisbees, yo-yos, and crewnecks are officially available. Impress your friends with a new Daft Punk space pen or deck out your Jansport with a handful of album art buttons. The masked maestros have always been defined by equal parts vintage appeal and futuristic polish, and it comes as no surprise that their new line of merchandise artfully represents that same balance.

Check out Daft Punk’s new website here. 

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