Deadmau5 shares new track, ‘Imaginary Friends’Deadmau5 Governors Ball 2015 Dancing Astronaut Andrew Spada 37

Deadmau5 shares new track, ‘Imaginary Friends’

Stepping away from recent headlines that have more to do with what he’s been saying or Tweeting, Deadmau5 has returned to the heart of it all and released a robust new track called “Imaginary Friends.” The tune’s name is likely an inspirational nod to a famous Donnie Darko line that Deadmau5 has incorporated into his streaming channel and was also a suggestion offered to him by a Twitter fan, to which he playfully responded that he would consider the name “Imaginary Friends” for the first track from his new album.

The track explodes with a swallowing depth, progressing into a melodic synth and progression built on palpably tense, striking tones. Dark, growling and a welcomed taste of the studio time Deadmau5 has been putting in, “Imaginary Friends” is perhaps the way Deadmau5 is brushing aside his shroud of drama and controversy and instead offering a plain, bold statement: new music is coming.

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