Stream Disclosure’s ‘Magnets’ remix EP, featuring remixes by A-Trak, Loco Dice, Tiga, and moreDisclosure Lorde

Stream Disclosure’s ‘Magnets’ remix EP, featuring remixes by A-Trak, Loco Dice, Tiga, and more

Disclosure has stoked listeners’ anticipation for the remix EP to their massively successful Lorde collaboration over the last several weeks by releasing a number of “Magnets” remixes individually. We’ve already discussed Disclosure’s own deep house VIP, A-Trak’s upbeat spin on the track, and Jon Hopkins’ awe-inspiring reimagination. Now, the six track EP is fully available to stream and download.

Jon Hopkins‘ metamorphic remix is the clear standout on the EP, simply because it’s difficult to compete with something as mystical and multifaceted as Hopkins achieved in his composition. That being said, each remix brings something to the table to complement (or even improve) Disclosure and Lorde’s original in its unique way.

Loco Dice ventures into the warehouse, with a dark, techno-driven reinterpretation. The original makeup of “Magnets” is barely recognizable in the Loco Dice remix, with concise, often modulated, samples of Lorde’s vocals intermittently appearing amidst stridently metallic synths and gnarled bass lines.

One might assume Tiga‘s remix would follow a similar trajectory as Loco Dice’s, however Tiga diverges from his general style to a degree. It seems as if there are two songs battling each other for prominence in Tiga’s “Magnets” remix: It is fundamentally understated in the realm of Tiga’s production, dominated by pleasantly melodic chords and a consistent use of Lorde’s vocals. However, throughout the course of the song is an underlying presence of vicious techno synthesis. Quietly filtered out, this piece of the song almost breaks through at a point, but is ultimately overshadowed by it’s mellower competitor. The final product is a simple, fairly tranquil recapitulation of the original track, albeit a bit schizophrenic.

For further, more holistic serenity, however, look to SG Lewis’ remix. The young British producer spreads melodic modulations across the soothing synths of his futuristic, downtempo spin on “Magnets.”

Stream the full EP below:

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Download the ‘Magnets’ remix EP here


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