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Du Tonc – We Can Hold On (Original Mix)

There’s not really such thing as an indie dance ‘super group’ – but Du Tonc is the closest thing the genre is going to get by a long stretch. Together, UK house stalwart Mighty Mouse with Matt Van Schie have done something remarkably impressive, they’ve taken nerdy and nostalgic music and given it a soul and pulse. Now that the dust has settled from their renowned remake of Aaliyah’s ‘Rock The Boat,’ a brand new original from the prized pair takes the duo’s more sentimental focus up a level for the final quarter.

There’s warmth and a playful swagger to ‘We Can Hold On,’ once again showing where the Du Tonc has put the fun back in retro and given it more than just a gimmicky sense of being. Where others are clambering to make indie dance more accessible and radio friendly, the duo moves reassuringly against the tide, but does so in a way that will both stand the test of time and give the genre a sense of longstanding dignity otherwise lacking on the European front.

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