Germany to open two new electronic music museums by 2017MOMEM

Germany to open two new electronic music museums by 2017

Germany’s newest art institution is dedicated to electronic music. Having recently begun fundraising, Tresor founder Dimitri Hegermann plans on opening the country’s first-ever electronic museum in Berlin at the end of 2016. Both the label and the club have been at the frontier of the German underground scene since its beginning, and the museum is slated to arrive in time for the club’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

More set in stone is Frankfurt’s edition of the museum, MOMEM (Museum of Modern Electronic Music). The project, which was initially announced in April, is partially funded by the city of Frankfurt and is expected to open its free inner city lease space in early 2017. MOMEM’s co-founder Alex Azary has been participating in the electronic music scene since the beginning of the 1980s, and believes the music’s influence as a genre and culture is vastly underestimated. Therefore, his museum will provide thorough coverage of the music since its inception in the 1970s, spanning across all genres and subgenres and displaying “the complete range of creative fields that were inspired, influenced and evolved from this club culture.”

MOMEM is still in fundraising mode, and meetings are scheduled with potential investors in the near future. It’s also beginning to curate a wide range of artifacts for its exhibits. More information can be viewed on its website.

Germany to open two new electronic music museums by 2017Electronic Music Museum

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