Ghastly’s ‘Get On This’ receives a psychedelic music videoGhastly

Ghastly’s ‘Get On This’ receives a psychedelic music video

Ghastly‘s latest release, “Get On This,” is a┬áheavy dose of relentless bass house, now with a video to match. The track was his debut release on Mad Decent, and combines frenetic synths, explosive vocal samples, and a pounding bassline in such a way that the track still feels tightly-produced. The video calls upon nostalgia with shots reminiscent of video games and ’80s TV, spliced with cuts of real-life Ghastly and his signature claw. Animation interacts with real pictures for a visual experience almost verging on over-stimulating, accurately described by the LA-based producer as “somewhere between a mushroom trip and a Salvador Dali painting.”

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