Increased police crackdown signals possible end to Sydney boat partiesSydney Boat Parties

Increased police crackdown signals possible end to Sydney boat parties

Summer is approaching in Sydney, but one of the city’s most cherished party traditions is experiencing increased prosecution on the part of the police. The city harbor is considered one of the most beautiful ones in the world, and is known for boat parties that are hosted during the warmer months. However, increased scrutiny by law enforcement, particularly toward anything having to do with electronic music, is causing a vast number of boat parties to be shut down at alarming rate.

Two parties planned for October were shut down by police, as were three that were tentatively planned for the month of November. As expected, the main reason used to shut these parties down is their raucous nature caused by illegal drug usage and excessive alcohol consumption. A spokesman from the Sydney Police Department stated, “In 2014-15 boating season, police detected approximately 30 ‘dance party’ events being held on vessels. Police subsequently responded to numerous serious incidents at these functions, including violent ­assaults, use of prohibited drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.’’

As usual, it seems that rather than promoting harm-prevention, the government is taking the Prohibition route in attempts to keep citizens safe. What remains to be seen is whether or not similar events might arise in the absence of these sanctioned boat parties that are equally, if not more dangerous.


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photo credit: Agwa Yacht Club

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