Jeremy Olander announces debut Vivrant imprint EPOlander 2

Jeremy Olander announces debut Vivrant imprint EP

The year passed has pointed to Jeremy Olander taking matters into his own hands. Kick-starting his own lo-fi live concept in his native Stockholm and making with a run of material for both Suara and MicroCastle, the Swedish progressive pundit will make on his promise of launching his own Vivrant label before 2015 is out.

Past being a fitting excuse to bring back his radio concept by the same name, Olander is kick-starting proceedings with the ‘Taiga’ EP, a four-track offering charged with a hand of long awaited material primed for release November 30. As one of the fullest insights into Olander’s highly tuned sound scaling both high-end progressive and more club savvy hallmarks, all early signs point to Vivrant being an essential string to Jeremy Olander’s bow on the approach to 2016.

The Taiga EP is out November 30

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