Jonny White announces launch of two new Art Department-run labelsArt Department Johnny White

Jonny White announces launch of two new Art Department-run labels

Left with complete artistic freedom following Kenny Glasgow’s departure from Art Department, Jonny White has been pouring his energy into redefining its sound with his expressive, artistic vision. Two distinct types of techno have culminated in the launch of their accompanying vinyl-only labels. White was so moved by both sounds, he stated in an interview with Resident Advisor, that he “really felt they each needed their own outlets to properly showcase the music without confusing any one brand.”

Named after the event series and mix compilations of the same name, Social Experiment is the first to come to fruition. According to White, the imprint embodies “raw, dubby, industrial, and brooding techno.” He pointed out two artists that he believes flawlessly fit the Social Experiment ethos: his old friend Jonathan Lee, and DJ Qu who will be providing the label’s debut namesake EP later this month. Preview clips depict a dingy warehouse filled with techno zombies in black clothing.

Sunday Money is the second of the two labels, and remains shrouded in secrecy on release details. Thus far, Guti and Shaun Reeves are the only two artists to have been revealed. Centering around deeper, minimal cuts, Johnny cites Morgan Hyslop, the Rompecorazones label manager, as his primary inspiration. Hyslop is pushing forward a revolutionary form of post-minimal, Romanian-leaning techno.

Jonny White will need his burst of passion to carry him through this new era of Art Department; in addition to heading Social Experiment and Sunday Money as well as touring, the DJ remains in charge of his current No. 19 label with Nitin. Earlier this year, Kenny Glasgow announced plans to release an album on his former partner’s label in the near future.

via: Resident Advisor

photo credit: Cultivora

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