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Knife Party – PLUR Police (Jauz Remix)

We are now just days away from the highly anticipated release of Trigger Warning, Knife Party‘s forthcoming EP, which will land on November 20th. Weeks ago, Rob Swire used Instagram to announce that Jauz would be remixing “Plur Police,” one of the long-confirmed tracks on the upcoming release. While we’ve caught “Plur Police” in various Knife Party sets as of recent, the two producers tease out the track yet again, this time by officially releasing the Jauz remix. This production doesn’t follow the normal Jauz routine; rather than hang in the comfort zone of bassline house, Sam Vogel cranks up the dubstep synths to put together a roaring song. Though the Knife Party and Jauz names have stirred up quite a bit of buzz surrounding this release, the group of producers may just have lived up to the lofty expectations.

Embed h/t: ThisSongIsSick

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