Koronis delivers cinematic drum ‘n’ bass and ambient with ‘The Replicant’ LPKoronis Art Design

Koronis delivers cinematic drum ‘n’ bass and ambient with ‘The Replicant’ LP

Koronis is an artist project devised by New Zealand sound designer Jesse Woolston. The concept blends complex drum ‘n’ bass rhythms with eerie soundscapes and free-from digital artwork. Woolston officially debuted the project this week with his six-track LP, The Replicant.

In a day and age where artists ruthlessly strive to conquer digital retailers, Koronis has taken the opposite approach, releasing the LP exclusively on vinyl. It’s a bold decision, but one befitting of the counter-culture narrative evoked by the project’s aesthetic.

The Replicant is divided into two halves: the A-side delivers menacing breaks and drum ‘n’ bass, while the B-side offers more texture-friendly, ambient works. It’s this duality that makes the work so compelling. The LP naturally shifts between thunderous drum programming and angry reese arrangements to more ethereal atmospheres — much in the same way an artist like Amon Tobin delivers brief instances of percussive intensity before melting back into his beat-less bliss.

Ultimately, it’s the kind of record that feels right at home alongside Warp Records or Ninja Tune’s catalogue. For all its mangled, sinister beauty, Woolston has provided a singular vision with his Koronis project — a rarity in today’s day and age.

Check out a full stream of the The Replicant below: