Lane 8 – Undercover (Eekkoo Remix)Undercover Eekkoo Remi

Lane 8 – Undercover (Eekkoo Remix)

Simplicity is the key focus of Eekkoo’s newest undertaking – a remix of Anjunadeep protégé Lane 8’s “Undercover.” Robotic synths spell out a slightly melancholic melody in place of Goldstein’s original euphoric vibe, but it’s the emphasis on careful percussion in the remix that tie the innovative tech house number together. Where the quintessential Anjunadeep track normally relies on complex melodies and progressive transitions, Eekkoo demonstrates that a little can easily go a long way with his simplistic, yet equally emotive presentation of the original. It’s refreshing to hear a more playful tune from the Canadian that digresses from his recent productions, which have taken on the more sinister aspects of dark techno as of late.

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