Life in Color’s Sebastian Solano takes over as CEO of ID&T North America/Made EventMiami Life In Color Festival Day2 52

Life in Color’s Sebastian Solano takes over as CEO of ID&T North America/Made Event

Looking to turn around and get their fortunes moving in the right direction after a tumultuous summer, SFX Entertainment has appointed its newest senior executive. Tasked with taking over as CEO of ID&T North America/Made Event, Life in Color’s CEO and co-founder, Sebastian Solano, has officially taken the lead on one of the dance music conglomerate’s largest divisions.

Sebastian Solano commented on his inspiration for Life In Color in an interview with Billboard, “ID&T’s Sensation was what actually inspired me and my partners to create Life in Color. Back when I was starting to throw parties — I mean little 500-person events at nightclubs in Tallahasee where we were going to college — I discovered Sensation on YouTube and I was like, “Oh my God. What is this?” I just couldn’t believe that a party could be taken to a level where 50,000 people would show up in a stadium. Just to party, right? Not for Madonna. But just for an actual party. Immediately, I started to go deep into research on Sensation, ID&T and founder Duncan Stutterheim. It just really interested me.”

Two of SFX Entertainment’s largest properties, TomorrowWorld and Electric Zoo, have both suffered less-than-ideal events over the past two calendar years. Despite only being on the job for several days, Solano has already acknowledged the conflicts that both festivals faced:

“These past couple days in New York, we’ve already been discussing what went well, and what didn’t go well. As you said, Electric Zoo reinvented itself this year and it was hugely successful for both us and the fans, so going into next year, I don’t foresee us having to reinvent the wheel again, but it’s also not going to be a copy/paste approach either — we have to continue to have balls. A lot of things happened, for example, with TomorrowWorld that were out of our control. So we need to make sure that we find the proper way of letting the fans know that we care, and that we were devastated more than they were. Because the TomorrowWorld team worked so hard year round to produce an amazing festival, and then the weather comes in and the roads couldn’t handle some rain, and next thing you know, it turned into a tragedy. So there’s some serious challenges of figuring out how are we going to roll this out next year. What are the improvements that need to happen? Obviously, we can’t just write a check for $10 million and rebuild new roads on our own. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into that.”

Having undoubtedly turned Life In Color into a global brand that’s created an extremely unique platform for artists and fans, Sebastian Solano brings an impressive resume to a brand that has struggled. While the electronic music world might have to wait until next summer for any significant changes to materialize, a new chapter has begun for SFX Entertainement.

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