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Lisa Ling shares her past experience with drugs and underground rave culture

In a new essay penned by renowned journalist Lisa Ling, she unveils an unexpected twist in her rather extensive and impressive history of experience working in journalism. Her piece, cheekily titled “I was a 90’s rave queen,” explains that despite the fact that she was a working professional in every sense of the word since the age 16, her choice of fun was not alcohol or cannabis – but rather, the underground rave scene of the 90’s.

Lisa sets the scene that sounds all too familiar to many of today’s electronic world: “pulsating music filled the room, often with surreal, holographic images projected on the walls.”

Lisa Ling goes on to explain that she did take ecstasy while partying. Offered to her by friends that she calls “responsible people,” she shares her experience:

“When the drug kicked in, an incomparable feeling of joy overwhelmed my senses. Worries fluttered away and euphoria filled my soul and my heart. The intense beats of the electronic music penetrated every part of my body. […] I would by no means characterize myself as a regular consumer of Ecstasy, but I had certainly done it more than once. Over the years, I had tried sensational Ecstasy, but I’d also had really bad product that made me paranoid and very depressed — this likely was a doctored version of what I thought was pure E, a regular occurrence that my seasoned, responsible friends neglected to tell me about.”

This essay arrives as a preview for a special episode of her program “This is Life with Lisa Ling.” She explores Mysteryland in New York to discuss the drug culture that exists in electronic music – and perhaps will share a bit more of her own personal connection to the scene. “This is Life with Lisa Ling” premieres on November 4th, 9 PM ET/PT on CNN TV.

Via: CNN