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Mad Decent Boat Party attendees not pleased with refunds issued

Shortly after Mad Decent Boat Party began its second-annual party voyage to Mexico, news confirmed that a woman had jumped overboard and was not found in the resulting search. The ship naturally turned around and headed back to shore out of respect and inability to find the victim, later identified as 24 year-old Kaylyn Sommer. As the party’s excursion to Cozumel and multiple DJ sets were slashed from the program during this chaotic time, promoters and Norwegian Cruise Line promised refunds to disheartened passengers.

The calculation was simple: adding together the cost of the cancelled excursion and excess port taxes, the total refund amount granted to each passenger would be $57.47. Obviously, this development did not sit well with passengers, who had spent a tidy sum of over $1000 on average for their tickets and accommodations. Social media blew up with furious comments from miffed attendees who felt far more should be compensated as a result of their drastically altered trip and program. Some even went so far as to state they shouldn’t be punished on behalf of the suicide, adding, “we didn’t get Mexico or most of what we were promised.”

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