DA Premiere: Martin Solveig Feat. Sam White – +1 (Blonde remix)BLONDE LIVE Crop

DA Premiere: Martin Solveig Feat. Sam White – +1 (Blonde remix)

Resilient UK house mob Blonde have a mark of quality on the national front and a wave of acceptance for commercial club records. Taking the reigns of a suitably door-opening record in its won rights, Martin Solveig’s crossover hit ‘+1’ falls on the radar of a duo whose own polished vocal offerings have held considerable weight throughout 2015.

Held again latest single ‘Feel Good (It’s Alright),’ the remix shows a tougher and more dance floor savvy side to the signature Blonde sound, holding enough melodic swagger and subtle low end leverage to have us convinced that their ability to leap from the accessible to the functional is nothing but good. Whilst there’s a general sense that Blonde deserves more recognition on a global scale than they are currently garnering, their latest remix is a sign of life sure to assist the duo in hitting the New Year on fighting form.

Release Date: TBC

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