Memory Service – Whatchugot (Original Mix)SL6 2

Memory Service – Whatchugot (Original Mix)

The wrath of Black Butter Records in 2015 has not been limited to fresh faced UK prospects. Of the heels of a home run courtesy of NVOY’s ‘Higher‘ and solid Courage debut ‘The Sultan,’ the label’s sixth instalment of the Spread Love series unveils newly primed North American talents Memory Service.

As one of the first records to emerge from the LA duo, ‘Whatchugot’ is a scatty house record of the highest calibre. Slipping through an array of steady grooves and whacked out lad work, the tracks consistent pulse is held with an infectious execution of pitched sample work throughout. Memory Service have proven two valuable lessons in this absolute gem of a record: Black Butter has strong eyes outside of its comfort zone and there is still hope for North America where the next generation of proficient club advocates is concerned.

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