Moby ventures beyond music; opens new vegan restaurant in LALittle Pine Moby

Moby ventures beyond music; opens new vegan restaurant in LA

Moby has enjoyed immense musical success since attaining stardom in the early nineties. Aside from his penchant for auditory arts, the Grammy winner is also highly enthusiastic about animal rights. Having been a vegan for 28 years, Richard Hall is channeling his passions into a new vegan restaurant, Little Pine. The eatery is located in Silver Lake, a northern Los Angeles neighborhood.

Little Pine epitomizes experimental; it will be Moby’s first venture into the restaurant industry and a far cry from his current occupations as a musician and author. Walls will be adorned with his photography, and his primary chef, Kristyne, will make her first foray into the vegan world. All food is Mediterranean inspired as well – a cuisine one would normally associate with meaty gyros and kebab.

Using traditional recipes with vegan materials, Moby hopes it will be an establishment that patrons of all backgrounds and diets will enjoy. He outlines his opinions in the video above, noting at one point, “I want it to be effortlessly, like an effortless refuge.”

via: CBS Los Angeles

photo credit: Farley Elliott

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