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Napster is back in action, relaunches in Canada as a digital streaming platform

In 1999, Napster introduced the internet to the concept of person-to-person file sharing. The rest is history, and in 2011 when Napster was acquired by Rhapsody, it looked like Napster had finally met its demise once and for all. But just as its original intention was to provide listeners with the music they wanted effectively, smoothly, and conveniently, now the brand is relaunching once again. Though this time around, Napster is riding the streaming wave to bring fans the music they seek.

Relaunching in Canada as a digital streaming service, Napster is calling for a subscription of $9.99 a month, already boasting functionality across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Chromecast platforms. The newest service to join the streaming family is keeping things close to home – at least for the time being. Napster intends to target Canadian artists for playlist curation and provide a “personalized music experience,” as described by the company’s CFO, Ethan Rudin.

We have come a long way since P2P file sharing took off in the late 90s, but as streaming continues to become the standard for media consumption, it will be interesting to see how an old player does in a brand new game.

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