The New York Times enlisted Skrillex and other leaders to provide opinions on the futureSkrille Press

The New York Times enlisted Skrillex and other leaders to provide opinions on the future

Human nature drives an eternal yearning to find a concrete way of how the world operates. We break everything down into theories and mathematical formulas, denying the deep truth that we’ll never fully know the answers to our questions. Nor are we able to accurately predict the future; weather forecasts are only correct a fraction of the time, and even the stock market doesn’t always follow predictions by highly-trained experts.

Nevertheless, the idea of knowing what is coming next is comforting to us, and recently The New York Times assembled a panel of leaders and experts in multiple fields to offer their views on how to predict the future. Suggestions ranged from events being analyzed in a numerical context, to changing the way we process food, or simply being open to unpredictability.

Representing music is a familiar figure: Skrillex. The producer and label owner is highly qualified to present his views on the topic as his name is now synonymous with pop music’s evolution and Justin Bieber’s return to relevancy. He wisely asserts, “The future is an accident,” going on to explain that he finds his success by observing innovative young people create art and music. In Sonny’s eyes, the future lies in what is brought to the surface by each new generation.

The full discussion on The New York Times can be found here.

via: The New York Times

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