Rene LaVice Feat. BullySongs – Part of Me (Original Mix)RAM205Rene

Rene LaVice Feat. BullySongs – Part of Me (Original Mix)

Rene LaVice‘s disgruntled stand on the drum & bass landscape has earned him considerable industry stripes throughout 2015. Firmly aligned with Andy C’s RAM stronghold, tracks such as ‘Hotblooded’ showed where the Canadian talent’s high octane blend of garage band instruments and beat savvy club work could hold its corner on a global scale. With his debut album Play With Fire just around the corner, LaVice thickens the plot with a lead-up album single alongside returning UK cohort and recent Armin Van Buuren collaborator BullySongs.

Despite being his most accessible single of the year, ‘Part Of Me’ is by no means a commercial cop-out. The grungy detuned guitars and solid vocal performance from BullySongs could be any accomplished rock artist’s handiwork, but the track’s apex shows a functional take on modern drum & bass track that dares to not go fully radio-friendly. This is definitely not one for the genre-purists or faint-hearted listeners, but Rene LaVice sounds enroute to forging one of the most unique and exciting presences that drum & bass has seen in the past decade. Release Date: November 27 

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