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Scooter Braun backs up Justin Bieber’s triumphant return to pop

Justin Bieber’s made quite the epic comeback from his brief time as a tabloid fodder, initially pairing up with Diplo and Skrillex for their platinum hit “Where Are Ü Now. He has since moved on to land the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 shortly after debuting his newest collaboration with Skrillex, “What Do You Mean?”

Most fans and industry experts alike have speculated that the grand master behind Bieber’s newfound success is a product of manager Scooter Braun’s expertise. However, Braun pointed out in Billboard’s newest cover story on the Canadian teen heartthrob that the credit is not his, but entirely Justin’s: “I failed for a year and a half. He shut himself off and went in a dark place. All he could be was a solid force in Bieber’s turbulent life as fame seemed to eat him alive.”

Luckily, it seems that Braun’s support was more than effective as Bieber is back and stronger than ever. “What Do You Mean?” is only the 23rd track in Billboard’s history to debut at #1, and it is evident that people are clearly starting to “Belieb” in him again. “The only person who deserves credit for this is Justin,” said Braun.

via: Billboard

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