SoundCloud removes silence for ‘copyright infringement’Button Soundcloud

SoundCloud removes silence for ‘copyright infringement’

D.J. Detweiler has made a career over the last two years by creating satirical “flutedrop” remixes to tracks like TNGHT’s “Higher Ground” and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball.” For those unfamiliar with the anonymous producer’s body of work, Detweiler “remixes” by replacing the primary portions of popular songs with an elementary school style recorder rendition of the original melody. The result is almost always hilarious, and almost always a violation of SoundCloud’s now notorious infringement policies.

Presumably to test the limits of SoundCloud’s removal software, D.J. Detweiler posted a “remix” of John Cage’s “4’33,” a conceptual piece that consists of four minutes and thirty-three seconds of silence. SoundCloud took Detweiler’s bait and did indeed remove the “4’33” remix. Detweiler posted the below photo to Facebook:

SoundCloud removes silence for ‘copyright infringement’Detweiler Soundcloud Infringement

After numerous run-ins with SoundCloud’s content removal software, D.J. Detweiler seems to have shifted the project’s focus somewhat from making silly remixes to pushing SoundCloud’s buttons. The artist has replaced the entire catalogue on the D.J. Detweiler SoundCloud page with several variations of a parodic automated “message from SoundCloud” stating that each song has been removed for containing “copyrighted content from some dick-head’s label” and that D.J. Detweiler “has been a bad boy”.

Detweiler’s “4’33” remix being removed indicates the depths of how intense and extraneous SoundCloud’s policies can reach, and it will undoubtedly be interesting to see how the producer continues to find new ways to challenge them.

Source: Electronic Beats

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