The Coronet in London bans house events due to a stabbing at the clubLondon Nightlife

The Coronet in London bans house events due to a stabbing at the club

Most people have the heard the old parental saying, “it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.” It seems London house and urban music lovers will have their fun and games cut shorter at The Coronet due to an unfortunate stabbing early yesterday.

During a party at House of Silk, fifteen or so patrons were engaged in a fight containing knives, noxious substances like pepper spray, and even a handgun leading to 18 units of the London police force showing up around 4 AM after a call at 2:30 AM. One man left the brawl with a stab wound in the leg, and members of the local licensing council responded to the altercation with a final verdict to banning The Coronet from hosting any “house/urban music” events ahead of its 2017 closing.

This news just adds to growing list of damaging altercations London’s dance community has endured over the past couple months. From the violent Halloween stand-off this year to CLF Art Cafe and Rye Wax’s questionable futures, English partygoers can only hope the series of unfortunate events in 2015 are done with and 2016 will turn over a new leaf for the historic dance scene to remain atop international clubbing destination. 

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