Thomas Sagstad feat. Wildo – Burned (Kaskade Remix)Burned Kaskade Remi

Thomas Sagstad feat. Wildo – Burned (Kaskade Remix)

Kaskade has an uncanny ability to evoke powerful emotions with his productions, and his remix of Sweden’s Thomas Sagtad’s “Burned” does just so. Starting off with light brushes of percussion and piano chords tinged with nostalgia, America’s house posterboy builds an atmospheric, progressive piece around Wildo’s ethereal vocals. Universally pleasing and downright  electrifying, Ryan Raddon follows his tradition of crafting music appropriate for the main stage without the overly-present kick and loud synths prevalent in today’s most popular tracks.

His translation of “Burned” is the first we’ve seen of Kaskade since his ninth album Automatic, whose popular single “Disarm You” became a summer anthem.

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