Tiefschwarz – Free Falling (Skream Remix)Skream E1355257386693

Tiefschwarz – Free Falling (Skream Remix)

Under the Skream alias, Oliver Jones is regarded by many as the father of dubstep, and is arguably one of the genre’s most important progenitors. However, just as dubstep has evolved – or perhaps digressed – from its nascent form, Jones too has moved on to experiment with a diverse myriad of musical styles. His remix of “Free Falling” by Berliner techno house outfit Tiefschwarz is simultaneously wistful, harrowing, and danceable. Jones’ use of acerbic synths and melancholic melodies evokes a sensation of metallic tears drawn forth from some abstract transgression untold. Forthcoming on Watergate Records, Skream’s newest remix finds itself at home in his continuously evolving warehouse-inspired direction.

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