Two more London venues in danger of closingLondon 5

Two more London venues in danger of closing

Two more venues have the potential to fall to London, England’s latest infrastructure plans. CLF Art Cafe and Rye Wax, the owners of Bussey Building, are confident that a new development proposal – regarding the installation of 11 luxury apartments and eight retail units on Rye Lane – will mark the end of the venue that many musicians, artists, producers, and actors call home.

With the new residential plan put into motion, the future of Bussey Building and Rye Wax, a record shop, remains questionable. Tom Stiedl, owner of Rye Wax, commented, “This development threatens everyone in the Copeland Park site, but particularly the music venues as the flats will be overlooking the outside areas used for night trade, and we all know what’s going to happen there. It’s totally ridiculous, the building couldn’t be worse positioned for becoming residential. On top of that the whole site will face access issues that will threaten businesses and undermine what everyone has been working towards in the past couple of years. Literally hundreds of jobs in the area could be at risk.”

Bussey Building was once saved from demolition in 2007, and fans are encouraged to fill out this form to preserve Rye Lane’s creative establishments.

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