Watch German schoolkids recreate Kraftwerk’s ‘Die Roboter’Kraftwerkkevsaunderson

Watch German schoolkids recreate Kraftwerk’s ‘Die Roboter’

One of the greatest joys of being a teacher is using your authority to make your pupils do adorably funny things. Thanks to modern technology, such exercises can now be seen by millions.

A recent example of teacher/student shenanigans came out of a grade school music class in Frankfurt, Germany. Evidently, the teacher thought that an immersive and fun way to drill in the week’s lesson was having the class perform a xylophone and vocal cover of Kraftwerk’s “Die Roboter” whilst dressed in uniform cardboard costumes. The scene vaguely resembles a German version of the Beijing Olympics opening sequence, but far cuter. Watch the whole video above.


via: Fact Magazine

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