Watch the nightmarish music video for Skrillex’s remix of GTA’s ‘Red Lips’Skrille Press

Watch the nightmarish music video for Skrillex’s remix of GTA’s ‘Red Lips’

The wait is over.

Skrillex’s ominous spin on GTA’s “Red Lips” has been perhaps the most anticipated remix of the year. After months of playing it out in live sets, Skrillex has premiered his music video for the track on Apple Music, along with a Pitchfork interview discussing the video’s inspiration (and why it took six months to be released). In the interview, Skrillex discusses working with director Grant Singer, who directed the music videos for The Weeknd’s “The Hills” and “Can’t Feel My Face,” as well as the video for Skrillex’s own “Burial.”

Grant and I mesh so well on a creative level that we just came up with the concepts together, all the treatment and all the art direction that I brought to him: movies like The Cell and The Neverending Story and old science fiction films. He was just so happy to work side-by-side together, where some other people would rather do their own thing. Obviously he’s never done a bad video and he really has an awesome vision and like I said he just let me be super creative in this process. Same with ‘Burial’, so that’s why I chose him.”

Inspired by The Shining and venturing into the fantasy realm, Skrillex and Singer’s collaboration will likely become one of the more iconic videos in the timeline of electronic music. Watch the video above, and read more about Skrillex’s thoughts about the video, remix, and future of EDM on Pitchfork.

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