[UPDATED] Woman falls off ship at Mad Decent Boat Party; search ongoingMad Decent Boat Party 2014 Miami 646be98uhgsac8sdzr2z4y16hgeeywy76goj1olm

[UPDATED] Woman falls off ship at Mad Decent Boat Party; search ongoing

Update 11:46pm EST: Norwegian Cruise Lines released an official statement regarding the matter: “On Thursday, November 12 during a chartered cruise on Norwegian Pearl, a female guest was observed intentionally going overboard while the ship was sailing the Yucatan Channel. The ship’s crew immediately initiated rescue measures, including deploying three rescue boats and notifying the Coast Guard and other relevant authorities. The search for the guest is ongoing. Both the ship and charter company teams are providing support to the family and all impacted guests during this difficult time.”

Just over twenty-four hours into Mad Decent Boat Party’s second annual voyage, grim news was announced that a passenger has been lost. As statuses have begun to pour in from witnesses and those on the cruise via Twitter, two specific details seem to take precedence: 1) the passenger was a woman, and 2) it seems likely that she jumped rather than fell off the ship. Though nothing has been officially announced, emergency measures have been taken; passengers have been sent back to their rooms to begin a headcount as the ship begins its turnaround to the last area the unknown woman was spotted. Out of respect, all music has been ceased as well.

Currently, there are three rescue boats in the water, with two additional nearby cargo ships participating in the search. The US Coast Guard and Cuban authorities have also been notified of the missing woman.