Yahoo cancels Simon Cowell’s DJ showSimon Cowell Factor

Yahoo cancels Simon Cowell’s DJ show

Simon Cowell’s attempt at capitalizing off electronic music ascent has been halted. News of Yahoo’s struggles with live content has been circulating of late, with Simon Cowell’s American Idol style DJ show being the latest casualty. Beginning with the original series Pursuit, Yahoo then cancelled the unnamed program that Simon Cowell was set to judge.

Fatboy Slim commented on the potential competition, “Simon Cowell was talking about doing a show and everyone in the business, he kind of started approaching us, and we were like, ‘F**k off, no – that’s a terrible idea! That’s the good thing about dance music; it grows organically through drunk people late at night coming up with stupid ideas. It’s not something that can be scripted or transported into a TV studio.”

Via: The Verge

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