Zedd – Papercut ft. Troye Sivan (Grey Remix)Zedd Papercut Grey Remi Artwork

Zedd – Papercut ft. Troye Sivan (Grey Remix)

While Zedd may be a household name among the pop space, virtually unknown up-and-coming production outfit, Grey, is not. But as Grey takes on Zedd and Troye Sivan’s “Papercut” from True ColorsGrey may soon prove to be an important force to keep on the radar. Taking the groundwork from one of Zedd’s 2015 collaborative offerings, the enigmatic remixers have seemingly emerged out of nowhere, but the musical output will instantly pique your interest. With only a handful of remixes behind the project so far, Grey’s latest takes “Papercut” to an entirely new frame, pushing a blend of forward-thinking sounds on the track’s reinvention.

The tune’s upbeat melody meets swelling percussion and rippling, futurisitc synth progressions before it swiftly cuts back to mellow, breezy vocals from Troye Sivan. Grey manipulates the original away from its commercial appeal, and more towards gutsy, experimental grooves. Without an original production or any background info to process yet, it would be wise to keep an eye on the mysterious Grey.

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