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50 reasons you need to go to Sunburn Goa

Sunburn Goa returns to its spot at the top of the Asian festival heap this year with a stacked lineup that includes the best that the main stage has to offer as well as a few surprises. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike return this year to satisfy the crowd with their undisputed presence on the global main stage. In addition to the rowdy duo, both Martin Garrix and David Guetta will be closing out the festival’s final two days. There are plenty of firsts as well this year, including a Kittball takeover, Kygo’s tropical touch, Seth Troxler’s first Indian performance, and the debut of KSHMR live at the largest festival in Asia. If there’s one fest on your bucket list, Sunburn should be it — but if you needed some more convincing we’ve got 50 reasons to head to Goa this year.

50. Lasers, lights, confetti, pyro and more lasers.
49. Sam Feldt playing “Show Me Love” live.
48. Making friends that turn into family at the camp site.
47. Bungee jumping while KSHMR plays the Goa 2015 anthem.
46. Kitball’s Indian debut with Tube & Berger and more.
45. Over 40 local and international food stations.
44. Learn the A to Z’s of psytrance at the genre’s own dedicated stage.
43. Rave with festivalgoers from over 40 different countries.
42. Putting on your “Derp Face” with Bassjackers.

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41. Seven different stages for whatever your taste.
40. Confetti rain on a scorching summer day.
39. Getting weird at Seth Troxler’s debut set in India.
38. Singing along at the top of your lungs.
37. Sweating your a** off without a care.
36. Running into friends you haven’t met in years.
35. Dancing with your loved ones to Kygo’s tropical beats
34. Sprinting from stage to stage to catch every DJ on your list.
33. Experiencing Goa trance in the birthplace of the genre.
32. Splitting the crowd with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike during “Tremor.”
31. Realizing you know every word to Martin Garrix’s “Don’t Look Down.”
30. The bittersweet satisfaction of seeing Art Department perform.
29. Finding out what all the fuss is about with Felix Jaehn.
28. Turning into “Wolvs” with Dyro.
27. Dancing at lightspeed at the Star Wars-themed stage.
26. Experiencing KSHMR’s first performance in India.
25. Checking out the cutting edge music blaring from the Spinnin Sessions stage.

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24. Going hard-as-hell with Headhunterz.
23. Being covered in sweat and dust and not giving a damn.
22. Catching the sensational Shaan on the main stage.
21. Bouncing with Thomas Newson as he brings the Australian sound to Goa.
20. Supporting local Indian talent.
19. Even more pyro.
18. Sharing water, high fives, and hugs.
17. Going animal to “Animals” for the 5000th time.
16. Tropical house in the tropics.

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15. Watching Kygo quite literally steal the show.
14. Taking a break with authentic chicken tikka and a cold Kingfisher
13. The exact moment when the sun goes down and the lasers come on.
12. Losing your shoes in the mosh pit.
11. Dancing to psytrance as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean.
10. Heading back to the campsite at night with tired legs but happy hearts.
9. Experiencing the EDM boom first hand at one of its largest festivals.
8. Planning your return next year before the festival is even over.
7. Going shoulder to shoulder at the main stage for any chance to get closer to the front.
6. Making new friends that will last a lifetime.
5. Sharing a moment that you’ll never forget with someone you love.
4. Lounging around in the Goan sun.
3. Gasping at the closing firework ceremony.
2. Closing out the festival with the legendary David Guetta.
1. Getting sunburnt at Asia’s largest festival.

Check out the full Sunburn 2015 lineup and purchase tickets to the festival today.

Photo: Rutger Geerling (Rudgr.com)

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