Amsterdam to receive new 24-hour, 7 days a week venue De SchoolNl Trouw Amsterdam

Amsterdam to receive new 24-hour, 7 days a week venue De School

Early this year, Amsterdam saw Trouw, one of its iconic 24-hour venues, throw its final party. Since, the city has suffered from a Trouw-sized hole in the heart of its nightlife culture.

Solace will arrive in the new year, though, as the city’s newest venue De School is set to open in January. Back in May, De School was one of three clubs to receive a 24-hour license and is scheduled to be open every day of the week. Within the venue will be a concert hall, a restaurant, a cafe, an exhibition space and a gym.

The name comes from the venue’s former life as a technical school and starting in January, De School can be found on Dr. Jan van Breemenstraat in Amsterdam’s west.

The club has a 500-person capacity and will be run by Post CS BV, the same team behind the late Trouw. Though the club has been granted a 24-hour permit, management plans to slowly ease into all-night parties. “We’re striving for a culture where people can come for 24 hours to dance, eat good food in our restaurant, chill out in the garden and see cool exhibitions, but we’ll have to build that up first,” Luc Mastenbroek, programmer of Post CS BV explained.

Additionally, Mastenbroek shared that the talent scheduled to play at De School will kick off with local DJs and be a natural progression from there. “It’s the opposite of festival culture: instead of many DJs being put together to play short sets, they are in charge of their own nights and can play long sets.”

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