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Amsterdam’s Studio 80 set to close in 2016

Amsterdam is a city known for its iconic venues that play home to some of dance music’s most favored origins, but sadly, the curtains have closed for one favorite. Studio 80, located in Rembrandtplein and a staple in Amsterdam night life since its opening in 2005, has officially been sold and will close by January of 2016.

In an official announcement on Facebook, the venue explained that the decision to sell the venue was made by Duncan Stutterheim, formerly of ID&T. “After having dealt with a difficult period earlier this year, mainly due to selling his company ID&T to the now rapidly dwindling SFX conglomerate, Stutterheim’s passion for nightlife culture has been decreasing over the past few months – which led him to the difficult decision to sell the venue before the end of the year.”

Studio 80 will remain open for the rest of the year and continue to celebrate the venue’s legacy until it closes in 2016. See the full post here.

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