BPI and Official Charts Company confirm that dance music has the fastest growth of all genresEDM Sponsors1

BPI and Official Charts Company confirm that dance music has the fastest growth of all genres

There is no denying that EDM’s modern resurgence has surmounted its original peak popularity during the late 90s. Its boom that began around 2010 has led to a large increase in its fan base, multiple new festivals and events that allow greater access to DJs of all subgenres, and has even allowed for there to be a “rockstar” culture within the upper echelons of popular DJs like Afrojack and Hardwell. Confirming anecdotal evidence of the music’s rise in popularity is the British Recorded Music Industry (BPI) in conjunction with Official Charts Company, who studied streaming and purchase statistics of all music from January-October 2015 in the United Kingdom.

What they found was that over this ten-month period, streaming rates for dance music have doubled since last year, with mainstream electronic music taking over nearly half of the streams at 46% and accounting for 38% of all music sales in the region. Other subgenres taking a significant stake in music sales include Drum & Bass at 5.7%, electronica at 3.2%, hard dance at 2%, and trance at 1.5%.The companies suspect a large part of the growth spike is due to newer artists like Years & Years along with heritage acts returning, like The Chemical Brothers. Meanwhile, Radio 1’s new dance programs and residents have also bolstered the genre’s success. Local UK artists in total make up half of all dance music consumed.

Despite Major Lazer’s “Lean On” taking the title of most streamed song on Spotify and Diplo being the most Shazamed artist, Scottish legend Calvin Harris continues to be a top contender in the electronic realm with his tracks totaling 120 million plays across the ten-month study period. British artists dominated the Grammy artist shortlist, edging over others on the list by a 3 out of 5 ratio. Part of the music’s success according to BPI executive Geoff Taylor is that the UK audience is “incredibly engaged, knowledgeable and passionate.” 

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