‘Cirez D Vol. D’ offers 5 new tracks from Eric Prydz’s dark alter egoCirez D Volume D

‘Cirez D Vol. D’ offers 5 new tracks from Eric Prydz’s dark alter ego

A man like Eric Prydz justifiably deserves the hype that surrounds him. Maintaining a seemingly endless song catalog across countless aliases, the enigmatic Swede never ceases to keep his followers guessing which songs they’ll be lucky enough to own in due time. When the announcement came that a Cirez D EP would be released following a long bout of Pryda material, the news sparked immediate speculation of what was to come.

November 30 arrived, and Cirez D Vol. D presented itself as a five-track EP brimming with filthy techno from the maestro’s dark alter ego. The EP contains a proportional mix of old and new. “On Top Baby” is one of the more enticing productions, what with its hair-raising scales and eerie vocals. Meanwhile, “Chaos” offers crushing bass and subtly complex layers that entangle listeners in its web, refusing to let go until the bitter end. On the opposite side of the spectrum, “Deep Inside (04 Remix)” makes a fun appearance at the end and combats the shadowy nature of the preceding tracks.

Simply put, Cirez D Vol D. is a quality output with a satisfactory amount of songs to keep us sated until the release of Prydz’s artist album in February.  Buy it on Beatport now.

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