City Hearts brings the desert vibes to Los Angeles4H3A7872 2

City Hearts brings the desert vibes to Los Angeles

Just a month after the third anniversary of Desert Hearts’ bi-annual gathering of nonstop house and techno, the beloved transformational festival returned for its winter tour kick-off in downtown Los Angeles. While it’s difficult to beat the self-reflective atmosphere of a Southern California desert indian reservation where the festival takes place, the San Diego crew impressed by transforming the Belasco Theater into a dark and soul-cutting experience fueled by top-notch musical talent such as the crew’s own Porkchop, Deep Jesus and Mikey Lion, among others.

Unlike its outdoor parent event, City Hearts had an increasing number of first-time patrons unfamiliar and unsuspecting of the affair’s open-armed community and spiritual environment.

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Photo courtesy: Galen Oakes

Upon entering the venue, an eclectic mix of attendees were greeted by the kind of overly friendly staff that remain the company’s nucleus of positivity and genuine gratitude. Each patron, new or seasoned, is treated as a celebrated member of the DH family. The event’s motto — House, Techno, Love — isn’t a facade for would-be “PLUR” enthusiasts, but rather an embedded lifestyle and culture for all who attend.

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Photos courtesy: Jamal Eid

While high-flying acrobatics can be found in many major clubs across America, the performers are usually masked by fog machines, blinding lights and confetti — a side attraction in most cases. At Desert Hearts’ events, however, the performers take center stage, while their presence seems to be one with the crowd, as if more of a casual rehearsal amongst friends versus a rehearsed gimmick. As an incurable techno virus swept the dance floor, artists lined the theater’s perimeter, putting the final touches on intricately detailed, psychedelic portraits.

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Photo courtesy: Galen Oakes

Every aspect of City Hearts originates from a pure a place. The attire of attendees was expressive, the music was spiritual, and the atmosphere was surreal. Though elements of Desert Hearts’ camping festival such as Pile Palace, open bar or mother nature were absent, the good vibes of the festival were conspicuously present. Ultimately, Desert Hearts continues to trailblaze a unique, in-demand experience that we can’t get enough of.

Desert Hearts presents City Hearts: Winter Is Coming Tour will continue across North America and Mexico through February. Check out the full list of dates below.

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